Research Summary Supporting the NEW NORMAL: It’s NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD


Share this link with others and help make the message “It’s NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD!” the NEW NORMAL. Dr. Karen Polonko, founding faculty member of IN SUPPORT OF CHILDREN prepared this presentation for public use!

Summary of Research on Corporal Punishment of Children – Ppt. Dr. Karen A. Polonko

We are starting to understand that if children had a right to their bodily integrity no one would be saying that we need research to tells us that it’s NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD. Did we still ask for more research to tell us that it is not ok to hit women any longer? Did we need to continue to do research to tell us that it not ok to use the lash to maintain slavery or to control workers in factories, or to control prisoners? No, because violating the physical integrity of an adult is seen as a violation of human rights!

Since children do not possess a right to their physical integrity (at least in the United States where the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has not been ratified) research continues to be done and calls from corporal punishment’s supporters for more research continue to come.

Over the past 50 years the body of research has grown. It continues to indicate that corporal punishment of children in any context is not needed to promote positive child development. Indeed, corporal punishment makes positive child development much more difficult! Indeed, research indicates that corporal punishment has wide spread and long lasting negative impacts on the lives of children and the adults they become.

In the PowerPoint presentation above, Dr. Karen Polonko provides a succinct summary of this research. If you encounter corporal punishment supporters, this summary should prove very useful in presenting research support for what should be the right thing to do: making “It’s NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD” our society’s NEW NORMAL starting point for adult-child relationships!


Please share the information with others and keep spreading the word that ”It’s NEVER ok to HIT A CHILD.”